Dog has been saved and doing well

News - Saturday 02/05 - Cold Facts team

Canadian authorities in Resolute and Iqaluit are still working on the recovery operation. The recovery operation's focus is bringing home Marc and Philip with all their equipment, including the dog.

Due to blizzard warning and rough weather, a helicopter flight to the site yesterday was cancelled. A new attempt was organized today (Canada time). The helicopter was able to fly over the site estimating necessary equipment for the recovery operation and taking pictures to be analysed by the experts. There is no news yet what will be done next.
When it was save to land, the crew were able to rescue the dog Kimnik who has been such a loyal team member, protecting the site from polar bears. Kimnik is besides a little bit hungry doing well and will be reunited with her owner, the local wildlife ranger from Resolute. We thank Kimnik very much for her dedicated work protecting our team members Marc and Philip.